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Patrick McMurray Bio

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Toronto born and bred, the son of two teachers, and antique dealers, Patrick McMurray has always been brought up around food, travel, and a strong work ethic. Mum’s cooking wasn’t the greatest (her words!) so Patrick's family dined out to try new and wonderful places, and learned food from other cultures. Patrick got into the restaurant trade by the age of 16, and really hasn’t looked back, despite a degree in Physical and Health Education - Kinesiology UofT'92


After shucking, and honing his skills for a number of years in Toronto, Patrick won the World Championships of Oyster Opening - Galway, Ireland 2002, the only Canadian to win this most illustrious shucking contest, in over 60 years.

Patrick also holds three Guinness Book Records for shucking oysters, 39 in one minute, part of Team Canada - 8840 Oysters in one hour, and personally 1114 Oysters in one hour.



To win contests, you have to have proper equipment and technique. With the Kinesiology theories in mind, Patrick invented his World famous PistolGrip oyster knife, and shucking technique, that provides a faster, safer, and cleaner oysters. The pistol grip knife is now produced by Swissmar for worldwide distribution. The Shucking Tray System, Shuckin’Puck, glove and other gear are available, and in R&D.


The Oyster Companion 2018 - Firefly Books.

Stories, instruction, and descriptions Patrick's book works like a beginners guide to Oystering, and thus led to Patrick's Consulting, teaching, instructing and promoting of Oysters, RawBar, and sustainable seafood around the world. The Art of Oystering is an Oyster 101 program that has been taught from Europe to Asia, and promotes for WWF Canada, and OceanWise. "Been there, Shucked that!"


With his vast knowledge of Oysters, Shucking ability, and teaching skills, Patrick ins known in the OysterWorld as an Oyster Sommelier, and lends his expertise to a large Seafood Wholesaler in Toronto - Seacore. Patrick is responsible for helping organize the Oyster and shellfish list, acquiring new and exciting Oysters, train the sales team, and assist restaurants and retail shops in menu design, and Shucker training.

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Patrick has owned two successful restaurants in Toronto. Starfish Oyster Bed & Grill 2001-2014 and The Ceili Cottage 2008-2018

Starfish specialized in seafood served in a casual setting, wholesale - fresh fish, and of course, oysters, with a great steak thrown into the mix. 2014, Patrick re-designed Starfish to what is called Pearl Diver for new owners.

The Ceili Cottage is Patrick’s Irish “Local”, an East End local pub with great food, patio, and music, designed and built by Patrick from an old Car Garage.

P.A.McMurray Hospitality - Restaurant Consultant group can build from scratch, within the customer’s vision, and/or help manage from menus to staff training.


With his Shucking abilities and knowledge in the OysterWorld, Patrick has been known to present insightful and entertaining stage, and television performances. Speaker at the Global Aquaculture Alliance, Seafood Show North America, B.C.ShellfishFest, Scotland's National Shucking Championship, Martha & Snoop Potluck Dinner, and Gordon Ramsay's The FWord Live - in 2017 alone. ShuckerPaddy will take your event to the next level.


Instructor / Teacher of Food Theory at the Centennial Collage School of Culinary & Hospitality

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