Farmed. Product of PEI. In the northern most reach of New London Bay between Cavendish and Cape Tyron, a naturally existing string of sand dunes protect the delicate ecosystem of the bay. When most of these choice oysters are cultivated in the area are transplanted to the shallow sites south of the dunes, a remarkable transformation begins to take place. With the salty influx of Gulf of Saint Lawrence water, they develop a unique organic flavour and a bright green shell. The algae in these areas grow in abundance. The oysters are stimulated by the subtle mixture of seawater and tidal streams that break up the landscape of the surrounding farmland. They begin to feed heavily on the green algae so rich in the water. It is the constant oversight of these micro managed farm sectors that allow the production of Lucky Limes Oysters. Always in high demand and limited in quantities, the Lucky Limes are for distinguished oyster slupers looking for subtle taste variations in their half shell offerings. 100ct Case, there is an average of 100 pieces per case give or take 5 oysters.

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